Black background in Windows 7 when using a mandatory profile

When you’re configuring a mandatory profile whitin Windows 7 and the first users are logging in, the desktop background is completely black….Personnaly I don’t like this kind of dark backgrounds 🙂 Why is this backgound black? Let’s have a look!

When you’ve created the mandatory profile, there was a default Windows 7 background. There’s a registry key that saves this background setting and there the whole point!

1.) Open the registry editor (regedit)
2.) Select the HKEY_USERS
3.) Click File, Load Hive
4.) Browse to your mandatory profile and select the NTUSER.MAN file
5.) Give it a name and click OK
6.) Browse to HKEY_USERS and select your Hive
7.) Browse to HKEY_Users\YOURHIVE\Control Panel\Desktop
8.) There’s a REG_SZ named Wallpaper
9.) This vallue is the wrong one. It’s located to the template user for creating the mandatory profile.
10.) Let’s chance this location to the new location. In my example it’s the Windows folder, but it can alse be a custom location. C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg
11.) After changing this path, don’t forget to unload the completely Hive from your registry editor
12.) Login again with a user and you’ll see that there’s the wallpaper. It’s a mandatory profile, so all users will get the same wallpaper!