Changing multiple passwords in Active Directory

All of you now that you cannot change multiple passwords of the user objects in the Active Directory through the Grafical User Interface (GUI). You’ve to click all the users one by one and so you can change the password of that specific user. There’s some good news 🙂 Default in Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 there’s a command net user. With this command you’re abble to change the password of multiple users in the Active Directory. Let’s do this in my testenvironment.

  • Open the commandline
  • Run the following command, net user. Now you get an overview of all the user objects in the Active Directory
  • Open notepad
  • Copy and past the right user and add the following things
  • net user <username> <password>
  • Be sure that the new password meets the configured Password Policy of your Defautl Domain Policy.


So you can see this will save you a lot of time….. 😉

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