Create a Room Mailbox in Exchange 2007 with auto accept

We are going to add a new Room Mailbox for reserving an Meetingroom. Here we go…



Now we are going to change the mailboxcalendarsettings for this Room Mailbox to AutoAccept.

Open the EMS (Exchange Management Shell)

Set-MailboxCalendarsettings -Identity MeetingRoom1 -automateprocessing:AutoAccept

Get-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity meetingroom1 | fl

All the users must have Read permissions to view the calendar of Meetingroom01.

Add-MailboxPermission -identity meetingroom01 -user “Domain Users” -AccessRights readpermission

Lets reserve the MeetingRoom01 on Monday.



As you can see, the organisator received an automatic e-mail from MeetingRoom01 that the appointment is accepted.

What if another person also wants to reserve this MeetingRoom01 on the same time… this.


Exactly…the meeting is not accepted by MeetingRoom01 because there is an timeconflict!
Pretty  easy in your environment to configure this on the different room mailboxes.