Create new users in Active Directory with DSADD

Today I was testing some things in my Exchange 2007 environment. For this test I’ve to create 100 new users in Active Directory. So I’ve created a little script that made all the new users for me.

In this script I use the command line tool dsadd.

dsadd user “CN=Testuser01,OU=Gebruikers,DC=testlab,DC=local” -upn testuser01@testlab.local -fn testuser01 -pwd P@$$W@rd
dsadd user “CN=Testuser02,OU=Gebruikers,DC=testlab,DC=local” -upn testuser02@testlab.local -fn testuser02 -pwd P@$$W@rd
dsadd user “CN=Testuser03,OU=Gebruikers,DC=testlab,DC=local” -upn testuser03@testlab.local -fn testuser03 -pwd P@$$W@rd
dsadd user “CN=Testuser04,OU=Gebruikers,DC=testlab,DC=local” -upn testuser04@testlab.local -fn testuser04 -pwd P@$$W@rd
dsadd user “CN=Testuser05,OU=Gebruikers,DC=testlab,DC=local” -upn testuser05@testlab.local -fn testuser05 -pwd P@$$W@rd

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