Custom Recipient Policy Exchange 2003

In some environments there are users who needs a custom e-mailaddress. You can make all this custom e-mailaddresses user for user…but that’s a wast of time! Let’s make a custom Recipient Policy for the specific users.

First off all open Active Directory and open the users that needs a custom e-mailaddress. Open the tab Exchange Advanced, Custom Attributes, extensionAttribute1. Add a value in this field, so you can use this field later on…for example: User with custom address.


Open the Exchange System Manager, Recipients, Recipients policies. Make a new Recipient Policy.


Click on Modify. Here we are going to make a query to make the user selection. Go to the tab Advanced, Field, User, Custom Attribute 1, Condition (is exactly). Here we are going to add our value that we filled in earlier in Active Directory, User with custom address. Click on Add. If you want to see the selection of users within this query, you can click on Find now.

Now we are going to add a custom e-mailaddress for this user(s). Go to the tab E-mail Address (Policy). Click on the first SMTP address and click Edit.


Apply the custom policy. Apply this policy now. If your going to Active Directory again, you will see that the custom e-mailaddress is added to the specific user.



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