Exchange 2010, cannot remove mailboxdatabase…!?!

Today I’ve migrated my Exchange 2007 environment to Exchange 2010. After installing Exchange 2010, creating some mailboxdatabases, moving the arbitration mailboxes, I wasn’t able to delete the default created mailboxdatabase from the Exchange 2010 environment. The command failed with the following error:

Remove-MailboxDatabase -Identity “Mailbox Database 0075281871”
This mailbox database contains one or more mailboxes or arbitration mailboxes. To get a list of all mailboxes in this databa
se, run the command Get-Mailbox -Database <Database ID>. To get a list of all arbitration mailboxes in this database, run th
e command Get-Mailbox -Database <Database ID> -Arbitration. Before you can remove this mailbox database, you must disable, m
ove, or remove user mailboxes and move arbitration mailboxes.
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (Mailbox Database 0075281871:DatabaseIdParameter) [Remove-MailboxDatabase],
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 68BDB73C,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.RemoveMailboxDatabase

When I create an overview of all the arbitration mailboxes, they are already succesfully moved to a new created mailboxdatabase. Why I’m getting this error…?? There’s another default created mailbox, called: Discovery Search Mailbox. After moving this mailbox to another mailboxdatabase, I wass able to delete succesfully the default created mailboxdata from my Exchange 2010 environment.




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