How to: Add custom INI files to your Immidio Flex Profiles environment

By default there are a copple of ProfileSettings available when you install Immidio Flex Profiles. When you install a new application on your Terminal Server environment, you also want to save this application settings for your users! In my Terminal Server environment i’ve installed Adobe Reader and i’ve made some custom INI file for saving the settings for my users.

1.) First make some new INI file in your Flex_Config\ProfileSettings directory
2.) Edit the INI file and type in the RegisterTree or IndividualRegistryValues
3.) Login to your Terminal Server environment, start Adobe Reader and make some changes
4.) Logoff and check the users home directory if there’s a file called <INIfilename.ZIP> in my example AdobeReader9.ZIP. In this file you see all the registry settings!
5.) Login again and see that the settings are saved
6.) Delete the <INIfilename.ZIP> from the users home directory
7.) Login again to your Terminal Server environment
8.) As you can see, all the settings are gone!
9.) If you want to replace a backup, in the users home directory folder _Settings\Settings_Backup is a backup available automatically

ar_01    ar_02    ar_03

ar_04    ar_05    ar_06

ar_07    ar_08    ar_09

ar_10    ar_11    ar_12

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