How to: Backup Exchange 2007 store with HP Data Protector 6.0

Today I’ve installed HP Data Protector 6.0 in my virtual test environment. So we’re going to create a full Exchange Store backup using HP Data Protector.

First off all i’ve installed a Windows 2003 Server with HP Data Protector 6.0. (Note: if you’re using Exchange 2007, install patch DPWIN_307 or later)

After the installation we’re are going to deploy the HP Client to the Exchange 2007 server, for communicating with the Backup server.

hpdp_01    hpdp_02    hpdp_03

hpdp_04    hpdp_05    hpdp_061


The next step is configuring the device for the backup destination. In my situation it’s a backup to disk.

hpdp_13    hpdp_15    hpdp_16

hpdp_17    hpdp_18

Now the device is created, we can go further with configuring the Exchange full Store backup.

hpdp_08    hpdp_09    hpdp_10

hpdp_11    hpdp_12    hpdp_12_01

hpdp_12_02    hpdp_12_03    hpdp_12_04

hpdp_12_05    hpdp_12_06    hpdp_12_07

In the next few days i’m going to configure the Exchange 2007 Single Mailbox backup.

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