How to: Backup your SCCM 2007 environment

after you’ve installed en configured your SCCM 2007 environment, you want to backup this environment to ensure your data is safety. Let’s have a look on this task.

1.) Open your SCCM Management Console
2.) Go to Site Management, your site name, Site Settings, Site Maintenance, Tasks
3.) Here you see “Backup ConfigMgr Site Server”
4.) Open the properties of “Backup ConfigMgr Site Server”
5.) Enable this task, set the backup paths and select the schedule interval
     – Note: when your SCCM Database is on a different server, there’s a folder created on the E:\ drive of that server!
     – For exameple: one folder on server SRV-SCCM01 and one folder on server SRV-SCCM02.
6.) When you want to start the backup manual, you can start the following service on your SCCM Site Server
7.) Your SCCM environment is now succesfully backuped with exactly the same time stamps.

SCCM_Backup_01    SCCM_Backup_02    SCCM_Backup_03

SCCM_Backup_04    SCCM_Backup_05    SCCM_Backup_06

SCCM_Backup_07    SCCM_Backup_08

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