How to: Bulk export mailboxes to PST in Exchange 2010

Today I’ve to create a temporary solution┬áto backup the Exchange 2010 environment. There’s one simple solution to export all the mailboxes to PST, this is not a prevered solution for a production environment, but it works ­čÖé I’ve used the following powershell commando’s.

1.) New-RoleGroup “Mailbox Import Export Group” -Roles “Mailbox Import Export”
2.) Add-RoleGroupMember “Mailbox Import Export Group” -Member “Administrator”
3.) New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox mswi -FilePath \\SRV-EXC01\Z$\Export_PST\mswi.PST

When you want to export all the mailboxes in your Exchange environment, you can use the following powershell command.
foreach ($mbx in (Get-Mailbox)) { New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox $mbx -FilePath “\\win2008srv01\c$\PST\$($mbx.Alias).pst” }