How to: create your start menu using Group Policy Preferences

A cool new feature in Windows Server 2008 are the User Preferences. With this user preferences you’re able to create a lot of things, such as:

– Drive Maps
– Environment variables
– Files
– Folders
– Ini files
– Registry keys
– Shortcuts

In my testenvironment I’ve build a custom start menu for the user in my environment. You can do this by using the User Preferences. When you’re using Item-Level targeting, you can manage what users are getting some shortcuts. In this example I’m using Item-Level targeting with Security Groups, so when a user is member of a specific security group, he’ll receive the shortcut in his start menu.

1.) First make a new Group Polciy
2.) Go to User Configuration, Preferences, Windows Settings, Shortcuts
3.) Create a new shortcut
4.) Fill in the right path’s **picture 3**
5.) Go to the Common tab
6.) Enable “Remove this item when it is no longer applied” (note: this will change the “Action” to Replace)
7.) Enable “Item-level targeting” and click “Targeting”
8.) Select the way off targeting (note: in this example I’m using Security Group)
9.) Make the right users members of the security group
10.) Logon to your workstation and check your start menu

up_gpo_01    up_gpo_02    up_gpo_03

up_gpo_04    up_gpo_05    up_gpo_06

up_gpo_07    up_gpo_08    up_gpo_09


As you can see, based on the group membership, User01 get’s his shorcuts to the different applications. This can also be configured on the other User Preferences.

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