How to: Implementing an Edge Server

In this tutorial we are going to install an Edge Server for our Exchange 2007 environment. We’re going to install the Edge Role on a Windows 2003 Server.

First you need to install the following prerequisites:
– Powershell 1.0
– Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (MMC 3.0)
– .NET Framework 2.0
– .NET Framewerk 2.0 SP1
– Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

First off all you have to now that the Edge Server will be placed in the companys DMZ, therefore the name “Edge”. The server is NOT a member of the internal Domain and will be placed in a  workgroup, for example E2K7EDGE. The Hub Transport Server will push the Active Directory information to the ADAM on the Edge Server trough Secure LDAP, port 50636, so this is one-way traffic.


After the installation of the Edge Transport Role, we’re going to creat a new Edge Subscription file. This file will be imported later on on the Hub Transport Server.

new-EdgeSubscription -file “c:\Edgeexport.xml


Go to your Hub Transport Server, Organizational Configuration, Edge Subscriptions and select New Edge Subscription. Browse to your Edgeexport.xml file and select the right Active Directory Site. Click on New to import the Edge Subscription file.

Now we create a new Receive Connector, so we’re abble to receive e-mail from the outside world.


After this action, the Edge Subscription can be started, so the Active Directory will push some information to the ADAM.


As you can see, there are two Send Connectors available on the Edge Server. One for sending e-mail to the outside world, and one for sending e-mail from the Edge Server to the Hub Transport Server.

Now you can begin to fine-tuning your Anti-spam configuration on the Edge Server. So now your Edge Server is ready.

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