How to: Install a Windows 2008 Domain Controller

This evening i’ve build a new testlab at home. Everything is placed on a Intel Quad Core system with 8 Gb on memory, so there will be some performance 🙂

First of all I made two “base images”, one Microsoft 2008 Server X86 Enterprise and one Microsoft 2008 Server X64 Enterprise. This two machines will be cloned for the rest of the environment.

The first machine i’ve created is a new domain controller. Let’s see the screenshots i’ve made. There are a copple of new options through the promotion process of this server.





This wizard to install a new domain controller you get by typing in DCPROMO in the run box. A nice new feature you can see in screenshot 10, Export the settings. You can use this file for example promoting a second domain controller unattended, or you can use this file to promote a Server 2008 Core Edtion as a domain controller.

The second domain controller you can promote unattended with the following command: dcpromo /unattended:c:\unattended_dc_config.txt (make sure you select the right textfile).

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