How to: Install Exchange 2010 prerequisites using XML

When you’re going to install Microsoft Exchange 2010, you first have to install some prerequisites. But what prerequisites do you need exactly?? When you unpack the installation source of Exchange 2010, you’ll see a folder called Scripts. Whitin these folder, there are some different XML files.

     – Exchange-all.xml
     – Exchange-base.xml
     – Exchange-cadb.xml
     – Exchange-cas.xml
     – Exchange-eca.xml
     – Exchange-edge.xml
     – Exchange-hub.xml
     – Exchange-mbx.xml
     – Exchange-typical.xml
     – Exchange-um.xml

In this example we are going to prepare a Microsoft Windows 2008 SP2 server for installing the Exchange 2010 Hub Transport Role, using the XML file Exchange-hub.xml.

1.) Open the command prompt (CMD)
2.) Browse to your installation source directory
3.) Type in ServerManagerCmd -ip Exchange-Hub.xml
4.) All prerequisites will be installed now
5.) After this is finished, you can start the installation of Exchange 2010

EXC2010_XML_01    EXC2010_XML_02

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