How to: Let domain users enable or disable the proxy server

In de most environments the users have a laptop for working in the office, but also for working out of the office. When there’s a proxy server enabled in your Internet Explorer settings, you’re able to internet on your office. But when you’re logging in out of the office, the proxy server is still enabled. So… internet for you!! In the most situations the Internet Explorer settings are hided through a GPO, so the users are not be able to edit the proxy settings manually. Whit the tool ProxyPal, you can give the users the oppertunity to enable or disable the proxy.

1.) Install ProxyPal on the laptop or computer (you can deploy it with a GPO)
2.) Edit your GPO’s to hide the Connection tab in your Internet Settings. (Optional!!)
3.) The users can enable or disable the proxy server now

ProxyPal_01    ProxyPal_02    ProxyPal_03

ProxyPal_04    ProxyPal_05    ProxyPal_06

ProxyPal_07    ProxyPal_08

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