How to: Migrate mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 using ExMerge and PowerShell

When you have a up and running Exchange 2003 environment, and you want to migrate to an completely new Exchange 2007 environment, also with a new Active Directory, you can use the following tools to migrate the user mailboxes.

First of all we are gonna export the user mailboxes with ExMerge, after the export, we are gonna import the mailboxes with PowerShell. You can follow this article to provide the migration step by step.

I’ve installed an Microsoft Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP2 environment with 10 user mailboxes. I’ve also installed a Microsoft Windows XP workstation with Microsoft Office 2007.

exc2003_01    exc2003_02    exc2003_03

The allias of the user is the same as the User Logon Name.

By default, the Administrators, Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins have deny permissions on the Information Store. Make sure you configure the right permissions, so you have access to the mailboxes for making the export with ExMerge.

1) right-click on your Exchange Server, choose Properties
2) go to the Security tab, hit Administrators (also do this for Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins)
3) Advanced, hit Allow inheritable….Copy
4) hit Administrators, allow Send As and Receive As (also do this for Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins)
5) Restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service.

excper_01    excper_02    excper_03

excper_04    excper_05    excper_06

Configure an MAPI profile for a user and generate some e-mail traffic. (e-mail, calendar items, tasks etc..)

off_01    off_02    off_03

Now we’re gonna export the user mailboxes with ExMerge.

 em_01    em_02    em_03

em_04    em_05    em_06

em_07    em_08    em_09

em_10    em_11

In the next post, we’re gonna import the user mailboxes into the new Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP1 environment using PowerShell.

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