How to: Migratie Windows 2003 RADIUS to Windows 2008 R2 NPS

Today I had to migrate the configuration from Windows 2003 RADIUS to Windows 2008 R2 NPS server. With the following steps, it’s just a few mouse clicks 😉

1.) Mount or extract the Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 DVD in your Windows 2003 server (the RADIUS server)
2.) Browse to the following directory
3.) Copy this folder to your C: drive of the Windows 2003 server
4.) Open a command line box
5.) Run the iasmigreader.exe
6.) This tool will read your IAS configuration and exports it to C:\Windows\System32\IAS\IAS.txt
7.) Copy this file to your new Windows 2008 R2 NPS server (In my example C:\_IAS)
8.) Open a command line box on your Windowws 2008 R2 NPS server
9.) Enter the following command
netsh nps import filename=”C:\_IAS\IAS.txt”
10.) The configuration will be imported now
11.) Don’t forget to register your NPS service in AD or configuration settings be damned, NPS will just not work.