How to: Move the transport queue on an Exchange 2007/2010 Hub Transport Server

When you’ve a large Exchange environment, it’s recommended to change the location of the Hub Transport queue. To do this, you can use the following script. The default location is the folder where you’ve installed Microsoft Exchange. For example C:\Program Files\…

1.) Navigate to the file EdgeTransport.exe.config, located in the Bin directory of the Exchange installation folder.
2.) Search for the rules QueueDatabasePath and QueueDatabasesLoggingPath. This is the orrigional location
3.) Open the Exchange Management Shell
4.) Browse to the scripts directory in the Exchange installation folder
5.) Select the script Move-TransportDatabase.PS1
6.) Run the following command
Move-TransportDatabase.PS1 -QueueDatabasePath NEWLOCATION -QueueDatabaseLoggingPath NEWLOCATION
In my example it’s moving to D:\Queue
7.) Now the Hub Transport database and logfiles will be moved to the new location. It’s containing the following files;

Trn.chk – The checkpoint file
Trn.log – The current transaction log file
Trntmp.log – The next provisioned transaction log file that is created in advance
Trnnnn.log – Other transaction log files that are created when Trn.log reaches its maximum size
Trnres00001.jrs – The Reserve log file
Trnres00002.jrs – The Second Reserve log file
Temp.edb – Temp DB used to verify database schema on start-up