How to: Prepare Active Directory for installing Microsoft SCCM 2007

Before you can start the installation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM 2007), you have the abbility to prepare the Active Directory environment. Note: If you’re not extend the Active Directory Schema, you’ve to use the Server Locator Point Role.

There are two ways to prepare your Active Directory environment.

1.) Running the EXTADSCH.exe from the installation media. This is a next, next, finish action.
2.) Import the schema extensions with LDIFDE. More actions, but a great logging option.

In my example I’ll use the LDIFDE tool, so the error reporting is much better.

1.) Copy the file CONFIGMGR_AD_SCHEMA.LDF to the local hard drive of your server. (you need to add the server name in this file!!)
2.) Open the file CONFIGMGR_AD_SCHEMA.LDF in Notepad
3.) Edit DC= in DC=DomainName. For example DC=SCCM,DC=LOCAL
4.) Open the command prompt
5.) Enter the following command ldifde -i -f .\CONFIGMGR_AD_SCHEMA.LDF -v -j .\log.txt
     * -i = Turn on Import Mode (The default is Export)
     * -f filename = Input or Output filename
     * -v = Turn on Verbose Mode
     * -j path = Log File Location
6.) Check the logfiles for any errors
7.) Give the SCCM Server full control permissions for performing the installation
8.) Open Active Directory Users & Computers
9.) Open the properties of the organizational unit System
10.) Go to the Security tab
11.) Add the new SCCM Server and give it Full Control to This object and all child objects
12.) Your Active Directory environment is now prepared for deploying SCCM 2007

SCCM_01    SCCM_02    SCCM_03

SCCM_04    SCCM_05    SCCM_06

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