How to: Prepare & Install SCCM 2007 on Windows 2003 Server

After preparing the Active Directory environment, we can start the installation of Microsoft System Center Cconfiguration Manager 2007. First of all, you’ve to enable some Windows Components:

1.) Internet Information Services (IIS)
2.) Enable network COM+ access
3.) Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS) Server Extensions
4.) Allow WebDAV Web Service Extensions

Now the environment is ready to start the installation. You can run the prerequisite checker to see if you’ve installed all the nessesary prequisites.

1.) The first site server is always the Primary SCCM server (Central Server)
2.) Choose the Custom settings, to specify your installation path, SQL server etc…
3.) The first server is always a Primary site
4.) Give the site a unique site code. This must be a unique 3 character code with a combination of letters, numbers or a combination of this two. For example S01, S02.
5.) Choose the mode for your SCCM environment. Note: for native mode requires a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
6.) Choose the agents you want to enable
7.) Specify the computername, instance and database name to store the SCCM database Note: Express Editions of SQL are not supported!!
8.) Enter the SMS Provider, used by the Configuration Manager Console to communicate with the site database
9.) Enter the FQDN of you Management Point. SCCM agents communite with the Management Point
10.) Specify the HTTP settings, default port 80 HTTP
11.) Download the latest updates to ensure the highest level of functionality and compatibility
12.) Check the settings summary
13.) Start the installation
14.) After the installation, check the following logfiles on your C:\ drive
     – ComponentSetup.log
     – ConfigMgrPrereq.log
     – ConfigMgrSetup.log

Install_SCCM_01    Install_SCCM_02    Install_SCCM_03

Install_SCCM_04    Install_SCCM_05    Install_SCCM_06

Install_SCCM_07    Install_SCCM_08    Install_SCCM_09

Install_SCCM_10    Install_SCCM_11    Install_SCCM_12

Install_SCCM_13    Install_SCCM_14    Install_SCCM_15

Install_SCCM_16    Install_SCCM_17    Install_SCCM_18

Install_SCCM_19    Install_SCCM_20    Install_SCCM_21

Install_SCCM_22    Install_SCCM_23    Install_SCCM_24

Install_SCCM_25    Install_SCCM_26    Install_SCCM_27

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