How to: Publish mandatory profiles in your RES PowerFuse environment

When you set up a RES environment, you also want to give the users there profiles. Which type of profiles, that depands on your environment, but in this example I’ll use Mandatory profiles. This means the same profile for all the users and savind the custom settings per user by using User Preferences within RES PowerFuse. I very nice solutions with the best performance.

The first step is to create a fresh Mandatory Profile.

1.) Create a new local user on a Windows 2003 Server machine and make that user member of the Local Administrators Group.
2.) Login with that that user.
3.) Make your changes.
4.) Right-click on your computer, Properties, Advanced, Settings (unther User Profiles).
5.) Select your template user and click Copy To
6.) Browse to your share on your server.
7.) Change Permitted to use to Everyone Full Controll.
8.) The last step is to rename your NTUSER.dat to, this makes your profile Mandatory (Read-Only).

01    02    03

Now we’re going to publish this mandatory profile to all the RES PowerFuse Agents, so the Mandatory profile is present on each PC with the RES PowerFuse Agent.

1.) Open your RES PowerFuse Management Console.
2.) Click on RES PowerFuse Setup, Datastore, Custom Resources
3.) Click on Add, browse to your Mandatory Profile share

As you can see, there’s now your Mandatory Profile. It will be published to all the RES PowerFuse Agents. The default location is: C:\Program Files\RES PowerFuse\Data\DBCache\Resources\custom-resources

04    05    06

07    08    09

The last step is to edit the profile path from your Active Directory Users.

1.) Open Active Directory Users and Computers on your Domain Controller.
2.) Locate your users
3.) Select one or more users and click Properties
4.) Go to the Terminal Services Profile tab
5.) Type in the path to the local Mandatory Profile
C:\Program Files\RES PowerFuse\Data\DBCache\Resources\custom_resources\Mandatory-2003

10    11

Now the users are ready to login on your Terminal Server environment with RES PowerFuse. 😀

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