How to: remote creating virtual machine on Hyper-V Server

Today I’ve installed a Microsoft Hyper-V Server. The installation of this server you can find in some other post on my blog, it’s almost a next next next installation. After the installation, there are a few options you must configure before you can manage your Hyper-V Server. The next step is to install a management server. I’ve choosen for a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server x64 for the remote management of my Hyper-V Server.

I’ve configured a second virtual hard disk for the Hyper-V Server, so lets make it available for storing my new virtual machines.

1) Open Management Console on the Management Server. (Start, Run, MMC)
2 ) Add/Remove snap-in, Disk Management
3) The following computer:
4) Create a new partition
5) Check if the new disk is succesfully created

mmc_01    mmc_02    mmc_03

mmc_04    mmc_05    mmc_06

Before you’re going to manage the Hyper-V Server, you must install a feature.

1) Open the Server Manager
2 ) Features, Add features
3) Remote Server Administration Tools
4) Role Administration Tools
5) Hyper-V Tools

Now we are going to connect to the Hyper-V Server.1) Open the Hyper-V Manager
2) Right-click on Microsoft Hyper-V Servers
3) Connect to Server
4) Another Computer,


After connecting to the Hyper-V Server, I’ve get the following error:
“The Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService object was not found”The solution for this error is installing the following update:
Hyper-V Update for Windows Server 2008 x64 Edition (KB950050)


For a list of all the available updates for Hyper-V Server, you can browse the following link.

hv_01    hv_02    hv_03

The next step is to configure the Hyper-V Server Settings.

1) Right-click on your Hyper-V Server
2) Hyper-V Settings
3) Choose a location for Virtual Hard Disks, in my environment the new partition we’ve made E:\VM\VHD
4) Choose a location for Virtual Machines, in my environment the new partition we’ve made E:\VM\VMI’ve copied a Microsoft Windows XP Professional ISO to E:\ISO on the Hyper-V Server. Let’s install a new Virtual Machine


1) Right-click on your Hyper-V Server
2) New, Virtual Machine
3) Give the name for the new VM and the location (default E:\VM\VM)
4) Configure the Memory for the new VM
5) Configure the network connection (you can choose between, External, Internal or Private)
6) Give the name for the VHD file and the size of it.
7) Give the installation source. In my case it’s the ISO file I’ve copied to E:\ISO
8) Finisch the wizard and start the new VM

nvm_01    nvm_02    nvm_03

nvm_04    nvm_05    nvm_06

The new machine is created now. The next post I’ll go further with installing and tuning the new VM.

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