How to: RES Wisdom deploying an agent

After installing RES Wisdom, you’ve to deplow some agents to be able to run scheduled jobs. Below you’ll see the steps to deploy an agents. In my example it’s a agent for a Domain Controller.

1.) Open the RES Wisdom Management Console
2.) Open RES Wisdom, Infrastructure, Agents
3.) Right-click and select Add
4.) Select the target computer
5.) Select agent and click Deploy now…
6.) Enter some admin credentials to perform the installation
7.) On the target computer you’ll see the process WISDeploy.exe
8.) After the installation fished succesfully, there’s a new service running on the target computer. RES Wisdom Agent Service.
9.) Now you see there’s one agents available in your RES Wisdom Management Console.

reswd_01    reswd_02    reswd_03

reswd_04    reswd_05    reswd_06

reswd_07    reswd_08    reswd_09

reswd_10    reswd_11

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