How to: SCCM 2007 Client Push Installation

Before we can manage our clients with System Center Configuration Manager, we’ve to install the SCCM agent. Installation Methods are:

– Client push
– Software Update point
– Group Policy
– Manual
– Loginscript
– Software Distribution
– Imaging

In this example we are going to push the client to our servers and workstations.

1.) First you need to configure your boundaries. I’ve added a IP range of my workstation DHCP scope. This can also be:
     – IP subnet
     – Active Directory site
     – IPv6 prefix
     – IP address range
2.) Now we can enable the client push installation. Go to Site Management, your site name, Site Settings, Client Installation Methods, Client Push Installation.
     – Enable: “Enable Client Push Installation to assigned resources”
     – System types: Choose the system types where you want to install the SCCM clients
     – Accounts: Type in a account with administrator rights
     – Client: Type in the installation properties. In this example I’m using only the option SMSSITECODE=S01. For an overview of all the options, check the following link:
3.) Make sure you’ve run an discovery, so the system where you want to install the client is succesfully discovered
4.) In order to successfully use client push to install the Configuration Manager 2007 client, you must add the following as exceptions to the Windows Firewall:
     – File and Printer Sharing
     – Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
5.) Right click on the system where you want to install the SCCM client and select Install Client
6.) After starting the installation, you’ll see the following proccess on your client
     – CCMSETUP.EXE, this is a sign that the installation is running
7.) When the installation is finished, there’s a new proccess CCMEXEC.EXE
8.) Verify that the agent is succesfully installed. Go to your control panel on your client and check the following new icons:
     – Configuration Manager
     – Remote Control
     – Run Advertised Programs

SCCM_Client_Install_00    SCCM_Client_Install_01    SCCM_Client_Install_02

SCCM_Client_Install_03    SCCM_Client_Install_04    SCCM_Client_Install_05

SCCM_Client_Install_06    SCCM_Client_Install_07    SCCM_Client_Install_08

SCCM_Client_Install_09    SCCM_Client_Install_10    SCCM_Client_Install_11

SCCM_Client_Install_12    SCCM_Client_Install_13    SCCM_Client_Install_14

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