How to: SCCM 2007 Hardware Inventory Client Agent

when the client is succesfully deployed to the computers, we start to enable some agent to start collecting some information. There are different agents you can enable:
     – Hardware Inventory Client Agent
     – Software Inventory Client Agent
     – Advertised Programs Client Agent
     – Computer Client Agent
     – Desired Configuration Management Client Agent
     – Mobile Device Client Agent
     – Remote Tools Client Agent
     – Network Access Protection Client Agent
     – Software Metering Client Agent
     – Software Updates Client Agent

In this example we are going to enable the Hardware Inventory Client Agent, so we know what hardware is available in our environment.

1.) Go to the Site Management, Your site name, Site Settings, Client Agents, Hardware Inventory Client Agent
2.) Open the properties
3.) Enable the “Enable hardware inventory on clients”
4.) Select a schedule interval
5.) On the client wait for the next “Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle” (to run this action directly, select “Initiate Action”)
6.) You’ll now see an extra action on your client “Hardware Inventory Cycle”
7.) On the client wait for the next “Hardware Inventory Cycle” (to run this action directly, select “Initiate Action”)
8.) Wait a few minutes so that all the collected items are commited into the Site Database
9.) Go to the Computer Management, Collections, All Systems
10.) Select the computer you want to view, right click, Start, Resource Explorer
11.) Now you see all the hardware of this computer



SCCM_HWI_08    SCCM_HWI_09    SCCM_HW_10