How to: In-Place Upgrade from Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller to Windows Server 2008

In this article we are going to upgrade our Windows 2003 Domain Controller to a Windows 2008 Domain Controller by performing an in-place upgrade.

First i’ve build an clean Windows 2003 x64 Server and promoted the server to a new domain controller of upgrade.local.
(note: if you want to upgrade your Windows 2000 Domain Controller to Windows 2008, you’ve first have to do an in-place upgrade to Windows 2003!)

Note: make sure you’ve at least 14000 Mb (14 Gb) free space available on your system partition.

Now place the Windows 2008 DVD in your computer, or mount it in your virtual environment.

Browse to your DVD player (in my environment it’s D:) and go to the following folder D:\sources\adprep.

First we’re going to prepare our forest with the following command: adprep /forestprep. After this command, we’re going to prepare our domain: adprep /domainprep.






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