How to: Managing Contact Lists in OCS 2007 R2

Default there are no contact lists available after a new installation of Microsoft OCS 2007 R2. How can you central manage contact lists? The answer is with a script called LCSAddContacts.wsf in the OCS Resource Kit Tools.

1.) Make a txt file called users.txt
2.) Make a txt file called contacts.txt
3.) Copy the script LCSAddContacts.wsf and the other two textfiles in one directory
4.) Add the OU path in the users.txt file (in my example all the users in the OU “Gebruikers”)
5.) Add the users you want to puth in the new contact list in the contacts.txt file (in my example there are only two users)
6.) Open the command line
7.) run the following command:
cscript LCSAddContacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:contacts.txt /contactsgroup:”ICT Department”
In my example the /contactsgroup is “ICT Department”, but you can make your own choise here!
8.) Open the OCS client and verify the new created contact list!

If you want to delete a user from a contact list, you’ll run the same command again, but with the /delete paramater at the end!
cscript LCSAddContacts.wsf /usersfile:users.txt /contactsfile:contacts.txt /contactsgroup:”ICT Department” /delete