MDT 2010 and user credentials??

When you’re deploying a machine using MDT, every time you run the deployment wizard, you’ve to fill in user credentials fore authentication with the deployment share. You can change this by editing the file bootstrap.ini.

1.) Open the DeploymentWorkbench
2.) Right click the MDT Deployment Share (E:\DeploymentShare in my environment)
3.) Open the second tab Rules
4.) Click Edit Bootstrap.ini
5.) Default the file looks like picture 6
6.) Add the following rules to the textfile:
UserDomain=WIN7.LOCAL (your domain)
UserPassword=Pa$$w0rd (your administrator password)

7.) Don’t forget to update the deployment share
8.) Right click the MDT Deployment Share (E:\DeploymentShare in my environment), and select Update Deployment Share
9.) Assign the boot image (E:\DeploymentShare\Boot\LiteTouchPE_x86.wim) to Windows Deployment Services WDS.



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