Microsoft SCVMM 2008 R2 Library add folders

When you install Microsoft SCVMM 2008 R2 (Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager) and you’ve created a library, mabye you want to create some custom folders. When you create some custom folders in the Library share, in my example C:\SCVMM_Data, the new folders didn’t show up in the SCVMM Management Console. After I coppied some files (.iso, .ps1 and .xml) to the share, the folders shows up!

This is by default. When you place some files in the folders, SCVMM detects this and the folders will show up now! The following file types are indexed during a Library Refresh (default every hour)

Virtual Hard Disks: .vhd (Hyper-V, Virtual Server), .vmdk (VMware)
Virtual Floppy disks: .vfd (Virtual Server), .flp (VMware)
ISO image files: .iso
Scripts (answer files): .ps1 (Windows PowerShell), .inf or .xml (Answer Files)
VMware templates: .vmtx (VMware)

When you want to force a Library Refresh, right-click on the SCVMM Library and choose Refresh.