SysAdmin Horror Stories – FREE eBook


Last year’s ebook, SysAdmin Horror Stories Vol1 by Altaro, highlighted some of SysAdmins’ funniest and most horrifying stories. It proved so successful, that Altaro decided to produce a second edition this year: they’ve gathered some more real-life stories to share with you, that are both funny and horrific!

We all know that a SysAdmin’s job is no easy task, and apart from constantly having systems to update, bugs to fix and users to please, SysAdmins encounter all sorts of situations throughout their careers. From tech situations to funny anecdotes, terrible mishaps or incidents with colleagues, this eBook includes real stories of what SysAdmins go through on a daily basis.

It’s very easy to download as no registration is required. Click on Download and it’s yours. It includes more than 20 short stories but this one is my personal favourite .


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Backup Best Practices in Action – The Backup Bible Part 2

The Backup Bible is an ambitious project produced by Altaro and written by Microsoft MVP Eric Siron that aims to be the definite guide to backup and disaster recovery for companies of all sizes.

The first eBook in the series was published earlier this year and focused on how to create a robust backup strategy including the key stakeholders you’ll need to deal with and the questions you’ll need to ask yourself to prepare yourself for a potential data loss event.

Part 2 – Backup Best Practices in Action – follows on from this starting point explaining how to implement this strategy and showing the reader what secure backup looks like on a day-to-day basis.


The eBook is focused on providing practical implementation using actionable steps in each section providing the reader with the knowledge to bring the theory to life. It covers:

· Choosing the Right Backup and Recovery Software

· Setting and Achieving Backup Storage Targets

· Securing and Protecting Backup Data

· Defining Backup Schedules

· Monitoring, Testing, and Maintaining Systems

· And More!

The Backup Bible is an essential resource for anyone who manages data on a daily basis. For any business, data is your lifeline. A significant data loss can cause irreparable damage. Every company must ask itself – is our data properly protected?

You can download both part 1 and part 2 for free right now! The final part of the series, on disaster recovery, will be released later this year. By accessing the available parts, you’ll automatically receive the final eBook direct to your inbox when it is released later this year!

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Celebrate World Backup Day & WIN with Altaro!

We all remember how grateful we were to have backup software when facing so many data loss mishaps and near-catastrophes.


If you manage your company’s Office 365 data, celebrate this World Backup Day with Altaro. All you have to do is sign up for a 30-day free trial of Altaro Office 365 Backup. If you share your biggest backup mishap with them, you get a chance to WIN one of the Grand Prizes:

· DJI Mavic Mini Drone FlyCam Quadcopter,

· Google Stadia Premiere Edition,

· Ubiquity UniFi Dream Machine

· Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse.

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Organizations can now back up and restore their Office 365 mailboxes with ease.

Altaro launches new solution incorporating secure storage and centralized backup management:

Altaro Office 365 Backup

Altaro Office 365 Backup enables customers to back up and restore all their company’s Office 365 mailboxes on an annual subscription. It automatically backs up Office 365 mailboxes to a secure cloud backup location on Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure and enables users to centrally manage and monitor their backups through a cloud-based management console.

Altaro successfully entered the Office 365 backup market a few months ago with its solution that enables managed service providers (MSPs) to provide their customers with Office 365 backup, recovery and mailbox backup storage services. The channel-focused company is now also extending this offering for use by businesses and organizations who do not wish to subscribe to an MSP model, and to the IT consultants and resellers that service them.

A central component of data protection strategies

As part of their data protection strategy, it is crucial that businesses back up their Office 365 mailboxes: Microsoft does not back up Office 365 subscriber data, so companies risk losing critical data due to malicious or accidental incidents, such as mailbox deletion and malware attacks.

Altaro’s latest solution meets this need by providing customers with reliable and constant backup and recovery services for Office 365 mailboxes – emails, attachments, contacts and calendars – coupled with automatic storage to Altaro’s Azure infrastructure.

Convenient, fuss-free Office 365 backup and recovery

For one all-inclusive annual or multi-year fee, Altaro Office 365 Backup customers receive backup and recovery services, backup storage services, access to the cloud console for centralized backups management, and outstanding 24/7 support from a team of experts.

This means customers can avoid the headache and expense of setting up local storage infrastructure or software to save backups to. Additionally, thanks to the product automatically backing up the mailboxes several times per day, customers can literally set it and forget it.

Combatting Office 365 data loss risks

“Many Office 365 subscribers wrongly assume that their data is backed up as part of the Microsoft package – but this is not the case, as Office 365 was not intended to be a data protection tool. This means several organizations out there are currently vulnerable to data loss risks,” said David Vella, Altaro CEO.

“This is where Altaro Office 365 Backup comes in, providing robust backup, recovery, and backup storage and management services that customers can rely on,” he explained. “We’ve built on our backup expertise and proven track record in the industry to help set Office 365 subscribers’ minds at rest.”

Free trial

Resellers, consultants and organizations wishing to try the solution can do so for free and with no commitment for 30 days, by registering here.


Celebrate World Backup Every Day and WIN the CONTEST!

World Backup Day is something we’re used to mark as an event every year, as a reminder we need to take good care of our data. But this year Altaro challenges us to change our mindsets and start considering the value of a good backup solution not just once, but every day.

On this occasion, they’re launching this contest where you might win an Oculus Rift & Touch Virtual Reality System! Let’s hope you’ll be the lucky winner, but if not, they’re giving free eGift Amazon cards as well for all the valid entries. So, for those who want to give it a try, this seems to be a good time to do it.

To enter the contest, click here. Good luck and happy backup!

1200 x 628

New version of Altaro Backup for Hyper-V 2012

This version contains a lot of great new features. There are also a number of fixes and improvements. I’ve covered an overview of the new features, fixes and improvements below.

New features:

  • Windows Server 2012 Support, including support for VHDX files.
  • Windows 2012: support for backup and restore of VMs located on network paths.
  • Windows 2012: support for Volume Shadow Copies of SMB3.0 network paths.
  • Windows 2012: support for CSV3.0 and scale-out CSV file shares.
  • New and improved Metro-Style User Interface.

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Link to error reporter from Management Console.
  • Extra verification checks in Reverse Delta algorithm.
  • Improved free-space calculation (Backup no longer checks for full size of VM in free space).
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes under the hood.



Today Altaro released a new version of Altaro Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V 2012! In this review I’ve detailed how to install and configure the solution, as well as my take on the pros and cons. After reading this blogpost, you’ll have a much better understand of this latest Beta release from Altaro.
Whit the upcoming releasee of Microsoft Windows 2012, Altaro has also changed the interface in Metro-Style. Let’s have a closer look at the new console. The installation is very simple. double-click the executable to start the installation which will guide you.  Altaro Hyper-V Backup needs to be installed on the Hyper-V Host. After the installation has succesfully finshed, there are three shortcuts presented:

  • Altaro Hyper-V Backup Service Controller. To start, stop or refresh the services and change the backup paths
  • Altaro Hyper-V Backup Error Reporter. To report an error and send it directly to the support department of Altaro. You can easily attach some screenshots and a description to this report.
  • Altaro Hyper-V Backup Management Console. Whitin this nice Metro-Style Management Console, you can manage your backups of your Hyper-V environment.


In the middle of the console there’s an overview of all the virtual machines whitin your Hyper-V environment. In four easy steps, your backup environment is ready to use.

1.) Select Hyuper-V Guest VMs Here you can select the specific VMs you want to backup
2.) Select a Backup Drive Select a destination drive for storing the backups. It could be local storage (also iSCSI or fiber attached disks), UNC path, USB external drives, eSata external drives, NAS devices or RDX Cartridges.
3.) Setup a Backup Schedule Specify a backup schedule to create backups of your VMs. There are two default schedule groups created automatically. You can easelly edit thoose groups and add VMs to a specific group by dragging and dropping. Just drag and drop the specific Guest VM to the right schedule group or groups. To delete a Guest VM from a schedule group, right-click on the Guest VM and select ”
4.) Setup Notifications The last step is to setup the notifications. There are several notification options. The first is to create an event log notication. The second is to e-mail an notificaion.

After completing all the configuation steps, the backup should be vissible in the Backup / Restore Guest VMs section. Here you can see the current backup schedule or create a backup manually of a specific Guest VM or VMs.





As you can see, this product is really easy to setup and within a few minutes you have a consistent and succesfull backup of your Guest VMs in your Hyper-V environment.

Restoring a VM or just single file(s):

In Altaro you can choose the following restore options:

  • Restore a VM to its original location. This will overwrite the current guest VM
  • File Level Restore. Here you can mount a VHD or VHDX file and select one or multiple files to be restored
  • Fire Drill. The Fire Drill feature allows you to plan and execute test restores of you backups at any scheduled time. This way you can test and verify that your virtual machines are being backed up succesfully.
  • Boot from Backup Drive. Run a guest VM directly form the backup location without restoring the full VM

I’ve tested all this restore options succesfull and it’s nice to see how easy it is to perform a restore of a whole VM or just single file(s).






Altaro Backup for Hyper-V is a realy nice backup application. The installation and configuration is done whitin a few steps. The console is easy in use and the backup/restore options are great. In just a few minutes, your backup environment is up and running. Restoring a whole VM or just a single file or files, is a realy easy job! To make sure that you’re fully protected, you can easy setup an testplan (Fire Drill) and test an restore of your environment.

Advantages of Altaro Backup for Hyper-V:

  • The installation is easy and done in a few steps
  • Small footprint on your Hyper-V host
  • The console is realy fast
  • Central cluster management
  • Also support for core edition and Hyper-V server
  • Only delta files backup possibility through Reverse Delta technology
  • Redundancy through Mirror Backup Drive option
  • Possibility to restore to a different Hyper-V host
  • Support for CSV whitin cluster environments
  • Support for software and hardware VSS providers (such as: Dell Equallogic, HP StorageWorks, etc.)
  • Low in cost
  • Very usefull options such as single item level backup and boot from backup drive
  • Easy to perform single file(s) restore through the mount VHD or VHDX option
  • Metro-style interface
  • Great error reporting possibility

disadvantages of Altaro Backup for Hyper-V:

  • Basic reporting functionality
  • Only support for Microsoft Hyper-V, no other hypervisors like vSphere or XenServer
  • No support for backup to tape devices/libraries
  • No possibility to exclude file(s) in your backup windows
  • Needs to be installed on the Hyper-V hsot(s), so the management console must be started directly from a Hyper-V host

Altaro are also giving away two free Nexus 7’s to testers of their Hyper-V backup for Win 2012 beta. Check out all the details