Running WordPress in your virtual machine

When you’ve have a website running on WordPress, it could be very handy to get a ‘offline’ copy of this website in your own environment. This could be a virtual machine of multiple machines in your data center. Here you can edit the website, whitout any impact for your visitors. Very usefull when you want to develop some new features, themes or new posts.

In this example I’m going to setup a new wordpress environment, running on my surfacebook (Hyper-V) in Windows Server 2019. This are the steps you need to take:

2019-08-30_21h20_19    2019-08-30_21h24_04

2019-08-30_21h24_10    2019-08-30_21h24_19

2019-08-30_21h24_25    2019-08-30_21h24_31

2019-08-30_21h24_35    2019-08-30_21h24_41

2019-08-30_22h17_35    2019-08-30_22h17_52

2019-08-30_22h18_12    2019-08-30_22h19_11

2019-08-30_22h20_58    2019-08-30_22h34_05

2019-08-30_22h34_53    2019-08-30_22h35_03

2019-08-30_22h35_15    2019-08-30_22h35_43

2019-08-30_22h36_35    2019-08-30_22h39_18

2019-08-30_22h41_19    2019-08-30_22h41_35

2019-08-30_22h41_45    2019-08-30_22h42_47

2019-08-30_22h42_59    2019-08-30_22h43_19

2019-08-30_22h43_59    2019-08-30_22h44_13

After all these steps, your new website is up and running. You can also configure some NAT rules in your firewall to publish the website to the Internet. If you need any content from your ‘live’ website, you can copy the content to your ‘offline’ website and test, develop and change your website.