How to: Create shutdown, logoff and restart Windows tiles in Windows 8.1 using RES Automation Manager 2012

By default, there’s no shutdown, logoff or restart button anymore in Windows 8 and 8.1. Microsoft has released a script to create these Windows tiles. You can download this script in the Windows Gallery. In this example I’ve created the Windows tiles in Windows 8.1 using RES Automation Manager 2012.

1.) First create a Windows share where you put the PowerShell module for the Windows tiles
2.) Next I’ve created a new module with some Powershell commands
Set-Executionpolicy unrestricted -force
Import-Module \\RESMNG01\Source\CreateWindowsTile\CreateWindowsTile.pm1
3.) when you run this module on your RES AM agent(s), the new Windows Tiles will be created

Very usefull in a large environment with Windows 8 or 8.1 🙂

2013-10-28_11h51_23    2013-10-28_12h02_32    2013-10-28_12h02_46

2013-10-28_12h03_04    2013-10-28_12h03_20    2013-10-28_12h00_00



RES Software and Microsoft Visio shapes

A daily job for me is to implement and design RES Workspace Manager or Automation Manager environments. When it becomes to the documentation or the design of these environments, I love to use Microsoft Visio to give a graphical overview of the new environment. RES Software has released some nice shapes for Microsoft Visio of the RES products!! How cool is that…and so usefull for those people who love this great products!

The downloads are available on the RES Software download page. See also the URL’s below.

Microsoft Visio Stencil – RES Workspace Manager 2012
Microsoft Visio Stencil – RES Automation Manager 2012 
Microsoft Visio Stencil – RES Service Orchestration
Microsoft Visio Stencil – RES HyperDrive