RES AM 2011 “No licensed connector found for domain controller”

As we all know you can create an Active Directory User account with RES Automation Manager. To perform this job, you’ve to create a Active Directory connector within RES Automation Manager. After this you can create a new module to create a Active Directory User account based on some parameters. Let’s have a closer look at this process.

1.) First of all create a Active Directory connector unther Datastore, Setup, Connectors
2.) Check the licensing overview to see the used licenses for this connector (32 licenses)
3.) The next step is to create a new module. New Module, Provisioning, Active Directory User, Create.
I’ve used the following parameters to fill in after running the module:
– User logon name: $[UserLogonName]
     – First name: $[FirstName]
     – Last name: $[LastName]
     – Full Name: $[FirstName] $[LastName]
     – Password: $[Password]
4.) Schedule this module

When you schedule this module, you’ve to fill in the parameters above, so User logon name, First name, Last name, Full name and password. I received an error after a few seconds: “No licensed connector found for RES-DC01”. Mmmm, that’s strange. I’ve succesfully created the Active Directory connector and it is licensed! The solution for this error message is the targetname in the connector. I’ve fill in a name easy to remember, but it must be the name of your domain controller.

After that, the job completed succesfully 🙂