How to: Show recent files in the Start Menu when using RES Workspace Manager 2012

When you are using RES Workspace Manager 2012 and you have configured to apply the Windows Shell, the recently files are not shown in the start menu. This is a feature that is a must for some users, so let’s have a look on how to enable this option!

1.) In the first screemdump, the recently files are not shown
2.) Open the registry (regedit.exe)
3.) Navigate to the following section in the registry:
4.) Create a new REG_DWORD with the name Start_ShowRecentDocs with the value 1
5.) You also can create a new User Registry within RES Workspace Manager 2012, though this option it’s available for all users!
6.) Logoff the user and login again. As you can see, there are the recently files!
7.) The recently files are stored in the folder:
8.) When you’re using mandatory profiles or you doesn’t redirect de AppData folder, configure a User Preference within RES Workspace Manager 2012 to save the recently files.
9.) Create a new User Preference and select the option Folder tree to the path %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent