How to: Install Windows Server 2012 in VMware Workstation

This week Microsoft has released the RC version of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, so I wanted to install it directly 🙂 Because I don’t have that much fysical hardware available, I’ve installed Windows Server 2012 in VMware Workstation 8.x.

1.) Create a new Virtual Machine
2.) Choose for Custom (advanced)
3.) Choose for Workstation 8.0 hardware compatibility
4.) Choose for I will install the operating system later.
5.) Guest operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
6.) Browse to your .VMX file on the hard drive and add the following rule into this file:
vmGenCounter.enable = FALSE
7.) Save the .VMX file and open your VM properties
8.) Attach your ISO to the VM
9.) Start the installation of Windows Server 2012
10.) You can choose two options for installation, Server Core Installation or Server with a GUI. In this example I’ve installed the GUI version.
11.) After the installation has finished, install the VMware Tools
12.) Choose for Custom installation
13.) Disable the SVGA Driver
14.) Install the VMware Tools en reboot the VM