Unknown Start Trace error (183) while running Exmon

Today I’ve to run ExMon on my Exchange 2010 environment. When I start Exmon.exe, the following error occured.

The most common issue is that ExMon crashed while collecting data and the Exchange trace is in progress.  Follow the below given steps to stop the Exmon trace.

1.) Make sure the ExMon.exe process isn’t running.
2.) From CMD, Query running traces
Logman query -ets
3.) Stop Exmon trace
Logman stop “Exchange Event Trace” -ets
5.) Verify trace has stopped or is no longer running
Logman query -ets

If that did not resolve the issue, check the following:
– The Disk did not run out of space. If it did, clear out the old ETL files, make space on the drive or move the install directory to a larger drive.
– Another user is running Exmon already. Ask the other user to stop tracing and exit Exmon. Then restart your Tracing and start saving the Trace files.